Auto Key Replacement

Auto Key Replacement Auto keys are other wise know as car keys. You’re provided a remote control and an is planted in the car body to catch the signals from the remote, after receiving signals it process the signals and gives command to the car’s radio pulse generator implanted in key housing area. A person can open door, start ignition, lock car doors and stop ignition of car without using any key. Now-a-days many cars are available in the market with start/stop ignition key in place of keys. A new technology is also developed in which driver have to just put the smart key in his/her pocket and driver can automatically start ignition of the car without using any key or button.

The whole system works on the LF (Low Frequency) signals having frequency 125 kHz. Its functioning is very complicated. It is designed to detect the driver near the car with smart key inside his/her pocket. A distance of just 10cm is maintained as standard to open the car door, means driver has to come so close to car to open the door. After entering the car he can start the ignition. Auto keys are a great invention in field of cars and vans engineering and it’ll definitely change the future of the car.

Auto Keys we Cut

  • Audi Car Keys
  • BMW Car Keys
  • Ford Car Keys
  • Honda Car Keys
  • Hyundai Car Keys
  • Isuzu Car Keys
  • Jaguar Car Keys
  • Jeep Car Keys
  • Kia Car Keys
  • Land Rover Car Keys
  • Lexus Car Keys
  • Lotus Car Keys
  • Mitsubishi Car Keys
  • Nissan Car Keys
  • Mazda Car Keys
  • Mercedes-Benz Car Keys
  • Peugeot Car Keys
  • Porsche Car Keys
  • Saab Car Keys
  • Subaru Car Keys
  • Suzuki Car Keys
  • Toyota Car Keys
  • Volkswagen Car Keys
  • Volvo Car Keys